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Easier digital collaboration with SharePoint and Office365

Are you all too familiar with the following situations?

  • The phone rings, your client asks you to check a document quickly, now where was this folder saved again?
  • You are working together with your project team. You have set up the reporting. The other five comment. One of your colleagues saves his document and changes, causing everyone else’s changes to be lost.
  • Your business process can be described as a stack process. From one pile to the next on the desk of someone else. To find a document, you first need to go to the file cabinet.
  • You are looking for a specialist within your organization. Your only hope is human resources.
  • You know you should be able to find lots of information about your organization on the intranet, but if you need anything, you can never find it.
  • You are on the road and you have time to work, but you cannot access your files
  • You would like to add certain functionalities to your workplace, but nobody ever asks your opinion.

This can be done differently!

Custom results:

  • Productive data storage: always find your documents within seconds;
  • Online collaboration: never again send out the wrong version;
  • Well-organized workflow: digitized piles;
  • Working with profiles: easily find the right person for a project team;
  • Work anywhere with metadata: find the right information with ease, even on the intranet;
  • Project participation: software features that are compatible with the business process;
  • User-friendly applications: even more easy to use and highly efficient.

Work can always be done much more efficiently. With the right approach, you can save at least half an hour a day by eliminating a lot of hassle. KbWorks helps you and your colleagues collaborate online more easily, increase your production and reduce costs. KbWorks always begins with the end user in mind when setting up the digital environment and tunes it to the organization’s wishes.

KbWorks operates with SharePoint and MS Office 365. Given the possibilities within these packages, we can generally provide customization in most cases. This means you get results that are tailored to your needs, while avoiding an endless customization process. Nevertheless, if you want a more personalized approach, we can almost always provide a range of standard applications (apps) that will offer the solutions you require. And if we don’t have it on the shelf, then we can build a custom solution.

The end user is key

Our customer-oriented approach is unique. No long consultancy projects; instead, we offer short workshops where proactive work is the key aspect. Afterwards we assist in the implementation of SharePoint and/or MS Office 365 and, where necessary, we can provide or build additional applications to enhance your business. Online collaboration has never been easier.

Want to work (together) more easily and efficiently? Please feel free to contact us today.

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